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Climate Justice Montreal is a group pursuing environmental and climate justice through education, mobilization and collective action in solidarity with directly affected communities.


Solidarity approach

A commitment to:

  • Establishing relationships with communities directly affected by any issues we take on;
  • Being transparent about our aims, interests and decision-making process within those relationships;
  • Taking direction from affected communities and sharing the burden of their struggle through support work that amplifies their message and empowers affected community within;
  • Considering and working for the well-being of affected communities in general;
  • Being transparent about the criteria we use to determine who we work with in a given community, and take responsibility for the effects our interventions have.

Anti-oppression and decolonization

A commitment to:

  • Understanding systemic oppression based on skin colour, ethnicity, class, gender, age, sexuality, ability, illness and mental health;
  • Understanding our own role in normalizing this oppression on a day to day level, and taking appropriate action to create equitable relationships;
  • Understanding our own history and the ways in which we benefit from historical and ongoing land theft;
  • Confronting said land theft and the systemic devaluing of certain groups of human beings that makes it possible;
  • Creating inclusive spaces by actively supporting and encouraging equal participation in meetings, roles, tasks etc.;
  • Proactively sharing knowledge and skills to facilitate sharing of roles;
  • Noticing who is excluded from the group, and seeking to understand why that is and take appropriate action.